Premium Drum Spill Pallets

Premium Drum Spill Pallets
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Spill deck pallets are designed to protect employees and prevent costly cleanups by keeping overflows and spills off the floor. They are built to handle heavy loads and for convenient handling. The spill decks are available in three styles, Spill deck standard - low profile, modular for incidental spill control, Spill deck fluorinated for handling aggressive chemicals, and Spill deck plus for heavy equipment.

Spill Pallet 4 Drum Premium (Yellow)


Type: 4 drum
Height: 222mm
Width: 1575mm
Depth: 575mm
UDL: 4090kg
Weight: 57kg
Sump: 284

Product ID: HA3425

Spill Pallet 2 Drum Premium (Yellow)


Type: 2 drum
Height: 222mm
Width: 1664mm
Depth: 1016mm
UDL: 2045kg
Weight: 40kg
Sump: 249

Product ID: HA3426

Spill Pallet 1 Drum Premium (Yellow)


Type: 1 drum
Height: 305mm
Width: 1016mm
Depth: 1016mm
UDL: 363kg
Weight: 23kg
Sump: 234

Product ID: HA3427

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