Eye/Face Wash Unit - Free Standing With Bowl

Eye/Face Wash Unit - Free Standing With Bowl
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In any environment where acids, caustics and other dangerous substances pose a risk to both eyes and face, we recommend using an eyewash station or emergency showers for face washes.

Our emergency eye washes and face safety shower units feature a superior six nozzle design which delivers a soft curtain of aerated water to rapidly drench the whole face and wash away contaminants.

Each eye wash station and emergency face shower unit is supplied with 12mm (1/2") full-flow, stainless steel, stay-open ball valve, an inline strainer and integral volume control.

Eye/face wash - wall mounted, no bowl

A hand operated eyewash with no bowl.

Product Code: HA3342

Eye/Face Wash Unit - Free Standing, Bowl, Hand & Foot Operated

Our free-standing eye/face wash, with bowl. Operated by hand or foot.

Product Code: HA3344

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