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Product Code: A-HAZ-35
HazSorb 30 litre bag

Despite the best efforts of lab researchers and personnel, accidents resulting in chemical releases do occur. For this reason it is important that laboratories and chemical storage areas have a spill response plan. A spill response plan should outline appropriate practices, procedures and the materials needed to properly contain and clean up a chemical spill. Part of this is having handy all stored chemicals MSDS and be aware of the Spill clean up instructions for each of these chemicals.

Many existing laboratory spill plans and MSDS Sheets call for the use of an inert absorbent such as Vermiculite and often specify Vermiculite.

SpillSmart HazSorb is a vermiculite product designed to be used in Hazchem spills. SpillSmart HazSorb is a cost effective, non toxic, inert alternative to cellulose (reactive to many chemicals) and more effective, more easily manageable absorbent than your typical ‘Adsorbents’ like kitty litter and zeolites. SpillSmart HazSorb can also be used on  body fluid spill and typical hydrocarbon spills on land.

Planning for chemical spills in laboratories is a necessity. The following paragraph  contains information to help labs create an effective spill control plan.

Planning is one of the key components to any spill control plan. Before an individual begins work with chemicals, training should be conducted. Individuals should be trained on the hazards and properties of each chemical they work with. Training should also include how to clean up spills, the amount and location of spill clean-up  materials, and the types of personal protective equipment its use.
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are great sources of this information. A MSDS sheet should be kept for each chemical in the laboratory. Spill control materials such as clay based absorbent, vermiculite, and spill pads should be kept on hand.

Proper personal protective equipment such as gloves, eye and face protection, tyvek aprons or suits should be worn for spill clean-ups. It is important to remember that the individual who caused the spill is ultimately responsible for prompt and proper cleanup.


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