Organic Peroxide Cabinet

Organic Peroxide Cabinet
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An oxidizer is a chemical that readily yields oxygen in reactions, thereby causing or enhancing combustion and making them unstable.

These Cabinets are designed to comply with AS.2714 and have a sump capacity equal to the total of the contents of the Cabinet. They are designed so that in the event of pressure build up the doors will open outwards. The doors or held closed by friction type mechanism. For this reason the maximum capacity of a cabinet is 100kg or 100L.

Technical Specifications:

Product CodeCapacity ShelvesDoorsWeightSize
AU25452OP 100L 3 2 142 1760x1100x465
AU25302OP 80L 2 2 104.8 1230x1100x465
AU25748OP 50L 2 2 86.1 800x920x565
AU25712OP 50L 2 1 59.0 1005x595x465

N.B. Cabinets may weigh in excess of 100kgs - a forklift may be required at time of delivery and freight charges may apply. We are able to organise a power tailgate vehicle in metro areas and trolleys for positioning at final site, extra charges and labour costs may apply.

For more information see attached data sheet or call 1300 76 44 77.

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