4 Drum Bunded Pallet (Economy)

4 Drum Bunded Pallet (Economy)
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Features & Benefits
  • 100% Polyethylene construction
  • Accommodates up to 4 x 205 L drums
  • Smooth, easy clean interior
  • Lightweight – less mass than a standard hardwood pallet
  • Suitable for use with and without a timber pallet
  • Small footprint for maximum warehouse efficiency
  • Suitable for use with pallet trolleys
  • Solid polyethylene grate prevents human contact with spilt liquid in bund
  • Drums as small as 5 L can be stored, without instability
  • Australian Made
Technical Specifications
  • Product Code: HA3702
  • Dimensions: 1210mm (w) x 1210mm (d) x 300mm (h)
  • Capacity: Exceeds 110% of 205 L drum
  • Standard Colour: Orange (Other colours to order)
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