Hazchem Spill Kits

Hazchem Spill Kits
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120L Labelled Wheelie Bin

For use by any organisation that has identified risks due to spills involving body fluids (ie: blood, vomit, urine, faeces), tissue samples, spoiled foods, sewage, sullage or other potentially infectious liquids/wastes.

The Bettaclean Biohazard Spill Kit is perfect for vomit clean up, blood spills and other hazardous spills.

Includes: Governments, Education organisations, Child and Aged Care Facilities, Public Transport, Hospitality, Commercial/Retail Operations, Service Industry, Health & Medical.

Designed for any locations accessed by the general public, including: schools, day care centres, aged care facilities, hotels, shopping centres, hospitals and medical clinics, public and private transport, and building maintenance. Effective on blood, urine, vomit, faeces and any other liquid spill which poses an infectious health risk. There is sufficient absorbent and tools in each kit to contain and control the average stomach volume. Highly effective, readily incinerable and competitively priced. Absorbent sachet also sold separately.

Highly reccomended as a spill kit for schools and medical environments where you may need to clean up vomit, blood or little accidents such as urine, quickly, safety and easilly.

  • Contains synthetic pads and organic socks, PPE and clean-up accessories for both acid and alkali spills.
  • Comes in 120L yellow wheelie bin with red kit label.
  • Absorbs up to 75 litres of acid or alkali liquids – confirmed in independent testing.
  • Ideal for where wet cell batteries are recharged or where caustic cleaning solutions are used.
  • Mobile kit for fast response. Highly visible, safe and easy to use. Capacity for extra PPE.
  • Effective on a wide range of aggressive chemicals, including strong acids and alkalis (caustics).
  • Can be customised to suit level of risk, including the addition of a neutralising fluid for decontamination, as per Australian Standards.
Wheelie Bin (Yellow) 120L 1
Security Seal 1
Kit Label Set (Red) 1
HazChem Pillows 1
HazChem Absorbent Socks 1
Pads, Absorbent (Universal) 1
Waste Disposal Bags 1
PVC Gloves - gauntlet 1
Safety Goggles 1
Disposable Overalls 1
Australian Standards Compliance

All Enretech kits comply with the latest Australian Standards and Federal NOHSC (ASCC) Codes or Practice that pertain to the handling, storage, clean-up and disposal of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances: NOHSC: 2007(1994), 1005(1994), & 1015(2001) and AS/NZS 3816:1998, AS1940-2004, AS3780-1994, & AS2507-1998.


Acidic wastes must always be segregated from alkaline wastes while being stored for eventual collection and disposal.

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Hazchem Spill Kit

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