Universal Spill Kits

Universal Spill Kits
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Product Code: ENR089

120L Wheelie Bin Absorbs 80/100L (Water/Oil)

Designed for workshops, warehouses, grounds/bldg maintenance operations, manufacturing facilities, or at any ‘high risk’ area, to contain and clean up water-based liquid spills. Effective on water-based liquids such as paints, pesticides, herbicides, foods or any other liquid spill or leak that occurs in a controlled industrial, commercial, or transport environment. Highly absorbent, effective and competitively priced. Kits can also be customised to suit specific requirements, including Dangerous Goods Classes 3, 5, 6.1, 8 and 9.

For use by any organisation that has identified risks due to spilled liquids. Includes: Government, Heavy Industry, Transport, Manufacturing, Service Industry, Health & Medical, Agriculture, Construction, Waste Management Companies, Consultants.

  • Contains sorbents, PPE & clean-up accessories for both water-based & oil-based spills.
  • Comes in 120L yellow wheelie bin with General Purpose kit labels (green). 6 kits per pallet.
  • Absorbs up to 100 litres – confirmed in independent testing.
  • Industry accredited. Sorbents tested to 12 standards.
  • Combines both pads & loose particulate for quick & complete clean-up. No residues remain.
  • Superior performance and lower cost of use.
  • Mobile kit for fast response. Highly visible, safe and easy to use
  • Effective on a wide range of liquids. Can be customised to suit level of risk.
  • Enretech sorbents offer significant environmental benefits over other sorbents.
  • Kits have been designed with spare capacity for extra PPE or sorbents, if required
Security Seal 2
Kit Label Set (Green) 1
Scoop 1
Nitrile Gloves - Disposable 2
Low Lint Wipes (Universal) 50
Sock, Absorbent (Universal) 2
Pads, Absorbent (Universal) 20
Kleen Sweep 3
Waste Disposal Bag 2
Instruction Card (Universal) 1
Standards Compliance:

All Enretech kits comply with the latest Australian Standards and Federal NOHSC (ASCC) Codes or Practice that pertain to the handling, storage, clean-up and disposal of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances: NOHSC: 2007(1994), 1005(1994), & 1015(2001) and AS/NZS 3816:1998, AS1940-2004, AS3780-1994, & AS2507-1998.

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Universal Spill Kit

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